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Welcome to Mahopac Sports Association

Please remember we are a fully VOLUNTEER run organization, participation is the key to our success.

Be sure to attend monthly meetings in the MSA room at the rear of the Falls School - most meeting are at 7:30pm, check with your sport.

1st Mon - MSA General ~ 1st Tues - Girls Lax ~ 1st Thur - Wrestling

2nd Mon - Boys Lax ~ 2nd Tues - Baseball ~ 2nd Wed - Softball ~ 2nd Thur - Football

3rd Tues - Soccer ~ 3rd Wed - Cheer ~ 3rd Thur - Touchdown Club ~ 4th Mon - Basketball

To register for any ONE sport, please go to that sport's page and login from there.

Logging in on this home page will not register your child correctly. See tabs at top.

Thank you for you support !

Get Informed ~ Get Involved ~ Make a Difference

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VOTE May 21st 6am-9pm - Be Informed!
Dear MSA Families,   We would like to take this time to...
Volley Ball Clinic
Save The Date - Summer Baseball Camp
Go to documents tab at left to print registration form.  
VOTE May 21st 6am-9pm - Be Informed!
Dear MSA Families,
We would like to take this time to remind everyone about the important vote that is coming up on May 21st. By now we assume most of you have heard something about the Capital Bond and the anticipated improvements to the district.
We cannot dictate how you vote, just strongly urge you to make an informed decision when you do so, and to advise you of our position on the capital bond.
We feel the concept and principals behind the bond are of a sound business model and strategy for our district.  With current debt falling off and the need for improvements and enhancements throughout the entire district the timing is crucial to be able to maintain our level of state aid which will reduce the actual costs.  Missing this opportunity will result in reduced aid and increase costs down the road.
As an organization we utilize the district properties and facilities more than the average community member. Our contracts and agreements with the school district afford us the great use of all these facilities with no financial impact to us.
The bond addresses many facets throughout the district, which are needed to help bring our district into the 21st century.  It is often asked why we don't match up to our neighboring school districts, and this is a fair question, but to be fair you must understand how these other districts operate and achieve their goals. Most have rolling bonds that occur every couple of years and afford their districts the ability to make improvements and upgrades on a constant basis. Mahopac is attempting to align itself in the same manner, but it takes buy in and support.
We ask that you take a look at the attached video links and have attached the district wide email that has gone out.
And we further ask that you make a point to vote, this is your chance to be involved and make a difference, we need people to get out to the poles and exercise their right to vote, don't rely on others, every vote counts!
Thank you,
MSA Executive Board Members
Dear Mahopac Families,
We’ve recently been asked how the upcoming Mahopac Schools Capital Improvement Project voter proposition is tax neutral. It is important that the community has a clear and complete understanding.
A capital project is a way for a school district to make substantial upgrades and investment in its buildings and facilities while spreading the cost over a number of years. It enables the district to complete improvements of a larger magnitude that what wo...uld otherwise not be possible within the scope of a single annual school district budget. Just as our homes need improvements over time, such as a new roof or an upgrade to an aging furnace, so too do school buildings and facilities, subject to daily wear and tear and loss of efficiencies from outdated equipment.
How can the district say there will be no tax impact?
By strategically timing the payments of this capital project, the Board of Education is avoiding a school tax impact. Old debt from previous capital projects, now completed, is retiring between 2019 and 2022. The new debt from this capital project will begin in 2023 so the net effect will be tax neutral.
How much will this cost?
The total cost of the project is $53.9 million. We are projecting that 90-95 percent of all projects proposed in the project scope will be eligible for state aid at a rate of 58.1%.
How were costs minimized?
The Buildings & Grounds Committee:
Prioritized improvements
Included only the most pressing projects with the greatest impact on students
By opting to address these facilities improvements through a capital project, much of the cost becomes eligible for New York State aid.
Why is it important to invest in our schools?
Nearly 30% of home buyers list school quality as a deciding factor in their purchase.
Quality facilities support the academic achievement.
Better buildings drive teacher retention.
Communities that have strong, positive relationships with schools have a solid workforce, improved housing options and a flourishing economy.
If you haven’t already done so, please view our “overview” video and “walking-tour” video that explain the proposed capital project and how it works, click here to view. (Video to follow)
Voting day is May 21, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the High School gymnasium. For more information about the capital improvement project proposition and the other voting propositions, click here.
For any further information, please reach out to Harvey Sotland, Assistant Superintendent of Business, at or 845.626.3415 x10410.
Building Our Future Together.
Anthony DiCarlo
Superintendent of Schools

by posted 05/16/2019
Volley Ball Clinic




The MSA Youth Clinics are designed as a fun introduction to the game of volleyball for children in grades 3-6.  The focus of the clinics will be on basic volleyball skill instruction, games and fun activities.  This will be an exciting and fun way to introduce your child to the sport of volleyball.


* The clinics will run from 6:00PM – 7:30PM at Mahopac High School *

* The cost of the clinics is $30 *


Clinic Dates:

Monday, May 6

Wednesday, May 8

Monday, May 13

Wednesday, May 15

Monday, May 20

Wednesday, May 22


Go to documents section on website to print registration form.

Please make your check out to MSA Volleyball and send to:

Jay Melville, 709 Vista on the Lake, Carmel, NY 10512             



For questions email, text, or call Jay Melville:

by posted 04/15/2019
Save The Date - Summer Baseball Camp

Go to documents tab at left to print registration form.


by posted 01/12/2019
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