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November 24, 2021: 

Girls In House High School League

Registration for 9th – 12th-grade girls will be at the Middle School Gym on Thursday, December 2nd from 6 – 8 pm. It will also be an open gym for all high school girls who are interested in playing in the in-house league this year.  Anyone who has additional questions or cannot make Thursday, please feel free to reach out to Scott at for more information or questions. 

Girls and Boys In House Leagues

Registration is OPEN for girls and boys in grades 3rd-8th. Register Here!

November 16, 2021 

This week we received permission to use the Falls School, Austin Road, and the Middle School on a limited basis. With this permission comes certain restrictions and regulations that we must adhere to, including but not limited to the following. 

  1. All players must wear masks during practices and games. 
  2. Only players and coaches are allowed at practice, no exceptions. 
  3. Only 2 adult spectators per player, no siblings are allowed. 
  4. All spectators must wear a mask in the gym, no exceptions. 
  5. Each gym is limited to two teams playing.  For practices, only two teams are allowed in each gym. 
  6. Everyone must exit at the end of their practice time. 
  7. No team can either a gym until the other teams leave, this is for both games and practices.

The above restrictions and regulations will unfortunately affect the programs we can offer. After much thought, we will start registration with all our middle school students (6th through 8th grades) for in-house. Out high school students will register in person on 11/18/21.  Once registration closes for these grades we will be able to assess our elementary (3rd-5th grades) players. We know how important these programs are to our community. 

With these regulations, we will need parents’ help even more. We need parent volunteers for the following.

  • At games to monitor the doors and enforce the policies.
  • Help coach the eligible teams. (HS leagues does not have parent coaches)
  • Help with the drafts for eligible teams. 

If you are willing to volunteer your time and be part of the  2021- 2022 MSA Basketball season please text Larry Keane at 914-806-3918. 

News & Events

Registration for HS Boys Grades 9-12th was in person on Thursday 11/18 at Airport Fields from 5:00-6:30pm.  If you missed the in person registration, please email 




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