Code of Conduct

As a MSA youth sports coach, parent, supporter, official, or player, I will:

Consider it an honor and a privilege to be a part of the team/organization as a parent, player, or coach, etc.

Keep in mind at all times that I am a representative of this youth sports organization and that the recreational experience is for the children not for the adults.

Use positive methods to make the experience enjoyable for the children, players, officials, and coaches. Strive toincrease the children’s self-esteem and foster in them a true sense of enjoyment of the sport in which they are engaged.

Treat officials with respect and dignity, and instruct my children and or players to do the same.

Treat opposing coaches and opposing players with respect and dignity and encourage my children and or players to do the same.Maintain proper sideline behavior at all times.Coaches should refrain from over-coaching.Spectators should refrain from giving any instructions from the sidelines.

Model grace, dignity and composure at competitions, regardless of the outcome.

Let the coaches coach – one voice.

Let the athletes play – it’s their game.

Let the officials officiate – they are trained in the rules of the game.

Win, lose or whatever the outcome – support your child, let them know that you are proud of them

Observe all player participation rules and strive to make each player/child feel as if he/she is a valuable member of the team regardless of any physical or developmental limitations he/she may have.

Teach the principles of fair play and sportsmanship and model these principles at all times.Support the team and coaching staff in this endeavor.Do not engage in any activity that will undermine the wellbeing of the team or Club.

Strive to learn the rules of the game and teach those rules to my children and or players as best I can. Be aware of any signs of overtraining, ensure all athletes get proper rest.

Encourage safe play at all times and report any unsafe playing conditions to the Program Director as soon as I am able.

Refrain from all manner of personal abuse and harassment of others, whether verbal, written, physical, emotional, or sexual.This includes any negative remarks or behavior on any social media.

Refrain from using any illegal substances or tobacco products, or imbibing alcohol in the presence of any children at sporting events on School or Town property.

Report any conduct that violates this code or adversely affects the positive, kid-friendly environment of our Youth Sports Program.

Report any conduct that required the involvement of the local authorities (I.E. Police, FBI, CIA, INS, etc.) to the Program Director and the President of MSA within 24 hours of the incident.


It is understood that there may be situations that arise that are not covered in this document but may warrant action by the MSA or individual sports. The MSA Board or individual sport may, at its discretion, take action against any party for conduct unbecoming a member of this organization.

Be it known that:

1) The MSA is a private not-for-profit youth sports association. It is understood that it is a privilege to be a part of this organization, not a right. I understand that I am a representative of this organization (weather a player, parent, coach or official) and any conduct unbecoming may lead to disciplinary action. I also understand that I may be suspended or removed for cause for any violation of this agreement. I also agree to abide by any such decision by the MSA Board of Directors or boards of individual sports, as said decisions are final.

2) Any verbal or written threats against the organization or any member (weather a player, coach, parent or official) will be deemed conduct detrimental to the MSA. Any such conduct will be reported to the proper authorities.

3) Any attempt or threat of legal action relating to disciplinary action, coaching, coaches selection, playing positions, playing time, team placement, etc., against the MSA, its officers or board members, or its individual sports or boards, will also be considered grounds for removal from the organization. Any attempts or threats of legal action will not be entertained by any sport’s board or the MSA board.

4) The MSA Board and/or individual sport has the right to apply any suspension or discipline across the board to all MSA sports if deemed necessary.

5) The MSA is the permit holder for the Town or School facilities that we utilize for our programs during those designated times. Any MSA decisions regarding facility use or attendance at games, practices, or related activities is final. All facility rules must be adhered to while in attendance at games or practices or other events. These rules will be communicated in advance and include but are not limited to the following: Parking regulations, cleanliness, sportsmanship, etc…

6) The MSA has a zero tolerance policy towards any negative behavior. By registering myself or my child to participate in any MSA program, I understand that I have been forewarned and made aware of the above rules and regulations.