Flag Rules

MSA Flag Football Rules

Flag football is to teach the mechanics of playing football to young football players. The player must be in Kindergarten through 4th Grade at the start of the season.

The Head coach should strive to play each player at every position. Every player MUST play half the game.

Games will be played under the following guidelines:

  1. Four quarters
  2. A quarter will consist of 7 offensive plays and 7 defensive plays by each team.
  3. The 7 offensive plays will be run one after the other. When one team has run all 7 then the ball will be turned over to the other team for their 7 offensive plays.
  4. No timeouts.
  5. No score will be kept.
  6. The offensive team has 30 seconds to put the ball in play. Time will start as soon as the referee positions the ball.
  7. If a player scores a touchdown he may not run or receive the ball until another player scores.
  8. No player can score more than two touchdowns in a seven-play set.
  9. All penalties will be called per MSA tackle football rules.
  10. Only one (1) coach per team on the field of play at once.
  11. No parents may referee.
  12. You must go for the flag when the person has the ball.
  13. When you have the ball you must stay on your feet with no turning or twisting.
  14. Shirts must be tucked in.
  15. Everybody is an eligible receiver.
  16. Rushers must evade the blockers.
  17. No Fumbles when the ball hits the ground it’s a dead ball



Our Goal is to best prepare our children for the game of football and at the same time not to sacrifice our beliefs in our mission. It is always a fine line between fair and competitive, because not always is it fair not to be competitive. Competitive needs to be defined as doing what is right by the TEAM as a whole. Competitive does not in essence mean WINNING. The winning at all costs mentality is not part of MSA’s Mission or Goal.