MSA Football Volunteer Program

Volunteer Fee:

  • $200 per family (refundable if volunteer hours are met)

Volunteer Hours: (per family)

  • Total of 12 hours per family as follows:
  • 6 hours per family is spent working in Concession

How this will work:

  • All volunteer hours will be tracked in a master book, which will be listed by grade and located in the concession stand. Each volunteer will be required to sign in for their committed hours.
  • Team Mom’s will be responsible to schedule parents for their appropriate grade’s time slots on a weekly basis. This will include the field / game day volunteers as well as concession volunteers.

There are numerous other ways to help out, simply ask and get involved, we can't do it without your help ! Contact us ...

The Fully Refundable Volunteer Deposit

In order to ensure the adequate volunteer staffing necessary to keep our ever more successful and popular program running, a fully refundable volunteer deposit of $150 per family will be required in addition to basic registration fees. Since the inception of the MSA Football program, a key concern has been obtaining volunteer support and commitment from Association members. The program cannot be run successfully without the volunteer commitment of every member family. In the past, too few people have taken on too much of the work resulting in strained resources and frustration. The Association has determined that requiring the deposit up front would place strong emphasis on the importance of each family performing the mandatory hours without penalizing the player or cheerleader. Charging a fee post-season for families not meeting this requirement would likely result in a low rate of fee recovery and cutting an athlete's playing time would unfairly punish the child. It is regrettable to be in the position of having to take this measure, but the Association hopes that requiring a deposit as well as creating a detailed organization structure that outlines all the areas of volunteer need will result in high levels of member participation. The Association does not want this deposit to be a replacement for volunteer time, but a means to place obvious emphasis on the importance of every member volunteering. And in the instances where a family is unable or unwilling to give their time, the money would be used to hire high school students or others to do the work required. Many opportunities exist to become involved in your child's Wildcat experience. Please pay attention to upcoming notices advertising areas where your help is needed and don't hesitate to offer your talents or expertise to a coach or board member. Assuning your family obligation has been met, the deposit will be refunded along with your equipment deposit check when all equipment is returned. Please be assured the necessary organization and care will be taken to track volunteers and the security of deposits held. The MSA Football Association becomes more successful every year due to the hard work and enthusiastic participation of our children and their families. The subject of the volunteer deposit was discussed at the last General Board Meeting and The Association encourages your attendance and participation at these meetings. Remember, this program exists for the kids who make all the hard work worthwhile.

The MSA Football Board of Directors