Equipment Guide

Required Equipment

  • 1. Girls Lacrosse Stick (They are different than boys sticks)

    Lacrosse sticks can vary in price from $25 to $200, for beginners we recommend sticks that are priced below $45 because you don't need anything special to get started with the game.

  • 2. Mouthpiece

    **no protruding tabs or strings

  • 3. Cleats

    **soccer cleats are OK

  • 4. Eye Protection

    If your child wears prescription eyeglasses you should look into getting eye protection designed for over her glasses available from these companies:

Optional Headgear is available for use from MSA!

Cascade Girls Lacrosse Headgear

Thanks to a generous donation in 2019, MSA Girls Lacrosse has 46 NEW royal blue Cascade helmets.

The helmets require a $150 postdated check which will be refunded when the helmet is returned.

If you wish to borrow one for the season please email Corinnne Perillo.

Area Lacrosse Stores

  • Sports Barn

    2918 Crompond Road, Yorktown Heights

    * Very helpful and knowlegeable about the game*

  • Lacrosse Unlimited

    15 Backus Ave, Danbury, CT

  • Dicks Sporting Goods

Online Lacrosse Stores

Stick Sizing

Field Player Stick

  • 35 1/2 inches minimum
  • 43 1/4 inches maximum

Goalkeeper Stick

  • 35 1/2 inches minimum
  • 48 inches maximum

For younger/smaller girls you can cut the length of the lacrosse shaft to custom fit it for your childs maximum comfort. The overall length of the entire stick can be between 35 1/2 inches to 43 1/4 inches. Sports Barn will do this for you if you bring your daughter with you when purchasing a stick there.

Here are the guidelines for cutting the stick yourself.

  1. Have your child hold just below the bottom of the stick head.
  2. Stretch the stick along her arm.
  3. Cut off the length that comes past her armpit.

****Do NOT Cut Shorter than 35 1/2 Inches****